About Us

Inspired by years of SaaS experience, Our Mission is to help SaaS Customer Success leadership fight churn, increase retention, and maximize upsell revenue.

We’ve Been There . . .

prescienceAI was started by a group of experienced SaaS executives who all have first-hand knowledge of the importance of customer retention. We’ve waded through the endless spreadsheets and mountains of data looking for that elusive insight that will help predict a teetering customer and save the relationship. We’ve scrapped old systems and integrated new ones, wasting endless man-hours hoping for something that will help reduce the churn.

Human Efforts, Machine Optimization

We built prescienceAI with an understanding that data is just an input; to be valuable there must be fast, unbiased and truly insightful information as an output.  Our system takes advantage of the incredible processing power of machine learning to turn all the human effort within the existing data into insights that can change your business. 

Built On Customer Service

We recognize that while exciting, machine learning is only useful if it provides fast, accurate, actionable information that businesses can use to improve.  That’s why the core of our value is partnership and customer service, just like yours.   

Austin-Based, Venture-Backed

We’re located right here in the heart of Silicon Hills, with access to all the talent and amenities Austin enjoys.  And we’re venture-backed, so we have the resources to build the business the right way and take it the distance. 

prescienceAI helps Customer Success Leaders Build a Retention-Centric and Upsell-Centric Strategy

Retention is Predictably Unpredictable . . .

Customer retention is predictably unpredictable. Forecasts are either lucky or wrong. To combat the unpredictable chaos cycle, Customer Success leadership spends hours reading the tea leaves of scattered customer data to try and understand what’s driving customer retention to direct their teams. So how can we break through the tactical headwind, know what matters, and elevate Customer Success as a strategic growth driver that both unites the company around a retention-centric strategy and generates revenue?

Let’s stop guessing! If we want to operate on reality and not subjective opinions, we need to make the most of the numerous technology investments we’ve already made across the business. We need to leverage advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for trend and pattern recognition to uncover key factors indicative of risk and opportunity, to predict customer behavior at a scale beyond what’s humanly possible. And rather than hours of leadership or ops time sifting through data, we can use those same technologies to analyze and connect the dots for autonomous insights that guide strategic action planning far enough in advance to have an impact on customers experience and company growth.