Supercharge Your Existing Data

We help you retain and upsell customers using your own data, from product usage to chat logs, analyzing it with customized machine learning algorithms built by Retensity that predicts customer behavior at an unprecedented scale. This process generates fast, reliable, unbiased predictions allowing you to quickly identify problems and develop solutions.

How prescienceAI helps Customer Success Leaders Build a Retention-Centric and Upsell-Centric Strategy

Our superpower lies at the intersection of connecting diverse data, developing machine learning historical trends to predict future outcomes, and delivering action-ready insights in straightforward language.

We Use Data from your applications (Data Ingestion)

CRM, Customer Experience, Account Management, Product Usage, Customer Support Systems, NPS, CSAT. These Data Sources are Integrated seamlessly.

Retensity (Automated Custom Machine Learning Models)

Our application, Retensity, automagically creates Your machine learning models. These models are specific to your company and include engineered features.

Custom Insights & Propensity Scores (Retention & Upsell)

Retensity creates actionable insights. Our incredibly insightful reporting is powerful, but some customers choose to integrate our propensity scores, insights, and powerful predictors into their applications.

We apply an automated approach to create machine learning models which deliver actionable insights and outputs.